Designing a world class sports product. Made for fans who wants a quick recap of their favorite events as well as the ones who wants to dig deep into stories and statistics.

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Viasport is an advertising based sport news service with over 500k visitors every month. Viasport is owned by media giant MTG and has the Nordic rights to a large number of premium sports content like Premier League, Champions League, NHL, NFL, PGA Tour and many others.
- Responsive web -
- App design -

- About the project-
For us the journey started with a meeting in april 2014. Like many other digital products the project grew from its original scope which was to create the UX and design for Viasport Rio Olympics 2016 project.

In the end we were responsible for the UX and design for the entire responsive website, the app and the editor CMS.
- What we learned -

One of the key factors to a successful product is to have a product owner who can build and push the team forward. We had the pleasure to work directly on site with a dedicated product owner who both had a vision and the internal mandate to change things around.

Change of scope

Be prepared for changes in the project scope. In our case, we started with the Olympics project but ended up doing the entire web, app, and CMS. This meant big changes especially when it came to the navigation and structure. What worked for one part of the website (Olympics) may not work for all the parts (Olympics, Football, Hockey, Motor etc).

Involve all markets

If a project is to be launched in more than one market it’s important to get out there and listen to all of them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the risk is you get important information too late.

We had the opportunity to meet stakeholders from the different markets at an early stage, which meant we didn’t have to make late adjustments to specific markets in the end of the project.

Idea backlog

During a creative process, some ideas must always be put on hold. Instead of losing them through the process; create an internal backlog of good ideas. After releasing the first version — ”the Cupcake” — you can always go back to your bank of ideas and see if they’re still worth bringing into the project.

Visualize your idea

When you are cooking an idea always try to visualize it. Set your level based on who you’re going to present for. For design savvy people a rudimentary sketch can do the trick. For less design oriented people increased fidelity is often needed. This way you ensure that everyone has the same idea and are referring to the same things as you discuss the viability of the feature.
- MVP launch -
We saw the immediate improvement in both visited pages and duration of each session! Users stay longer, surf more pages and share even more than before!
Results after launch.
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