- A short introduction -
Boxer is a broadband and TV provider operating in the Swedish market. In the spring of 2018 they released their new web site, designed by us. Hanna sat down with Greg and Fredrik to talk about the redesign of Boxer.se.

It originally started as an exploration project where our task was to see how we could improve the shopping experience for their users. Specifically Boxer were starting to sell broadband to their customers.

As a first step we explored concepts and prototypes that were pretty far ahead, for a example a conversation style shopping flow and some explorations on their new branding platform in digital.

In parallel with this, the merge with Com Hem happened and it was decided that Boxer was going to move into their technical platforms. This meant they had the opportunity to redesign the whole site.

We started with the buying flow, working closely on location with developers and other stakeholders from business. Finding a really good way of collaborating closely with the developers, especially where we would sit as one team solving problems directly in code.

- Finding the balance between minimalism and complexity. -

We started with qualitative testing on a small group of users on the new buying flow we were working on.

Proceeding with Google Analytics, Hotjar, and a vist to the customer service center, listening in on support and sales calls to understand common types of problems people have when using their services and how were they sold.

In the beginning we worked closely with the head of commerce and the conversion manager. When we moved into production we also started working more and more with the product owners / technical project managers and of course the development teams.

The biggest challenge we had was the merge, so the business logic and databases at Boxer were migrated to the new platform which handled this slightly differently. This of course had to be reflected in our designs and we had do understand and bridge the gaps together with the stakeholders, being a small team of designers with the development teams ramped up quickly to reach the deadline.

- Usability is in the details -
With a 25:1 developer/designer ratio we had to be even more effective in our explorations. This was one of the first projects where we worked with shared symbol libraries, version control in design and built the foundations of a design system. An intense learning that is now added to our workflow.

We can say we achieved what we set out to do: in a short time deliver a solid MVP that they could continue improving based on learnings from the users.

Even finding time to explore small details that improved the experience of the site. For instance soft loaders, small animations on the price and lazy loadersso the page doesn’t feel jumpy .

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