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SF Kids Play SF Kids Play

SF Kids Play: Touch, tap and avoid frustration.
One of the fundaments when building SF Kids Play was to enable children, even at young ages, to be able to use the app alone.

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Viasat Sport

This responsive solution caters to both sport fans who wants a quick recap of their favorite events as well as the ones who wants to dig deep into stories and statistics.

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Since a couple of years we are a core part of the digital transformation at one of Sweden’s biggest insurance and banking companies.

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We are Common Ground

We design digital services that millions of people use every day. Our clients range from startups to banks. With curious minds, long experience and a love for the craft, we shape services that are useful and engaging for people and drive business value for our clients.

From idea to finished product

Some companies only focus on concept work or detailed design. We're not like that. We believe all steps from user research to development are equally important to create something that matters to people. We prefer to be part of the whole process, working closely to the client, developers and the end users. For us all parts can make or break a great user experience.

No model to rule them all

We don’t force our clients into a fixed process. We work based on basic, user centric principles, and will adjust them to help and support our clients. We iterate, always moving forward, and we make it easy for our clients to make the right decision, every time.

Dependo Model

We call it the Dependo model. Because it all, well... depends.

CEO, UX Design Lead

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Martin Skybrand Martin Skybrand
Martin Skybrand
Art Director

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Martin Johansson
Martin Johansson
UX Design Lead

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Fredrik Suter Fredrik Suter
Fredrik Suter
UX Design Lead

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Greg Carniel
Hanna Arkestål Ernström
UX Design

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Ian Hazelton Ian Hazelton
Ian Hazelton
UX & UI Design

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Anders Henke
Anders Henke
UX & UI Design

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Can Kilicbay Can Kilicbay
Can Kilicbay
Product Design

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Greg Carniel
Greg Carniel
Interaction Design

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